The BluePT Cloud software is the core of the BluePT vehicle access management solution and combines all the products and services described into a complete system.


With our complete solution, you benefit from a reliable and comprehensive vehicle parking management system, scalable for different business areas: from a simple employee parking lot to networked city solutions all the way to complex airport installations. Through a variety of optional modules and extensive configuration options, BluePT Cloud fits perfectly to your needs. 


Control from anywhere

Ensure a smooth operation of traffic flow across your car parks by operating centrally for multiple car park facilities - even from a national control room for carparks spread across the country.


Cloud-based software does not require you to purchase or maintain a server onsite. Instead, our hosting facilities provide access to software applications remotely. These well-maintained offsite servers also ensure that all parking software is up to date. 


This provides a worry-free interaction allowing users to focus on job related tasks instead of technical requirements. Since this is a cloud-based software, it is accessible wherever you have an internet connection and is therefore not limited to the confines of your facility.


Effortless data generation

License plate recognition lets you gather important information (such as time and dates of higher volume of customers etc.. ) about your customers to target and enhance your marketing efforts.


The reports and statistics can be issued and monitored at every level (end user, company, a group of companies, parking lot, Sub - parking lot, a group of parking lots, areas, and more) including receiving images of all the cars going in and out. 


Easily access your data

You can easily access the combined data set of parking and LPR data to handle typical use cases such as: searching images related to a vehicle’s entry/ exit transactions (e.g. for tracking vehicle damage) or setting the correct price for a lost ticket based on the vehicle plate number’s recorded entry time.


All the data and information is continuously backed up with the ability to restore previous databases. Flexible and customizable report generation (e.g. PDF or Excel format). All parking actions  are stored for at least 7 years (including images.)



Advanced security measures are also included based on the latest hosting certifications, because secure hosting is more than just physical and network security. Secure hosting also means having a dependable, always-on infrastructure with a team of professionals using quality processes and procedures to guarantee a reliable and predictable experience in every aspect of managing your servers and data.



As your property grows, the BluePT ecosystem grows with you. Built with a flexible architecture, you get the freedom to customize and scale your ecosystem as you like – supporting the future development of your property.


User friendly and powerful 

Takes control with real-time data, consolidated intelligence, and informative dashboards.

Includes a system which documents all end-user and admin actions at all levels in order to correct any mistakes. 


Future Innovation

Seamlessly links your current assets to future innovation

Software and hardware is regularly updated with no need for any action by the parking lot manager. 


Space availability 

Provides up to the minute space availability for both your staff and an option to display on screens in the parking lot for your customers. 


Open API

Our intelligent technology is built to easily integrate with your existing Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) and License Plate Recognition Equipment. From access, to occupancy, to payment, enable all your systems to communicate and work together – reducing admin and boosting efficiency.


Designed for EV charging systems

Built for the modern parking facility, our BluePT ecosystem integrates with EV charging systems. Easily know when parkers are plugged in (and when they’re not), and gain helpful insights to improve your parking counts for EV drivers.


Flexible payment options

Payment reports and receipts for each transaction and user. Payment options with most credit cards and payments applications such as Monyx wallet, PalGate, Pango, PayPal, ApplePay, and more.

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