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Our mission is to make parking smart, simple, and environmentally friendly.


How are we doing it? 


By using innovative technologies paired with an intelligent, futuristic, and elegant design, we were able to create a parking management system that is fast and intuitive. Technoso allows the driver to reach his destination with as little disruption as possible. 


Through combining License Plate Recognition cameras, advanced payment options, and a cloud operated management system, we were able to create a ticket-less system that completely eliminates the need for paper, thereby saving the parking provider thousands of dollars every year as well as protecting the environment. For those parking providers who want tickets, we created the Ticket Recycle system which makes it possible to reuse each ticket, hundreds of times. 


In line with our mission, we teamed up with Nayax EV Meter to bring cashless electric vehicle charging stations. The charging stations are integrated with our parking management system, which allows drivers to quickly and simply pay for charging their vehicle together with the parking fee.


In the last decade, we have set up the BluePT system in parking lots of a wide range of businesses. This includes airports, hospitals, shopping malls, universities, office buildings, residential buildings, hotels and more! 

Our user friendly “BluePT Cloud” parking management software makes it possible for the parking provider to collect valuable data, view entries/exits in real time, manage exceptions and more from anywhere in the world (that has an internet connection.) The BluePT system is scalable, affordable, and easy to install.